Plano-Convex Lens

Plano-Convex Lens arefabricated from RoHS-compliant BK7 glass (N-BK7) and feature an antireflectioncoating for the 350 to 700 nm range. N-BK7 is probably the most common opticalglass used for high quality optical components. It is typically chosen wheneverthe additional benefits of UV fused silica (i.e., good transmission furtherinto the UV and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion) are not necessary.

Lens Shape


Substrate Material

N-BK7 / CaF2 / MgF2 / Si / UV Fused Silica  

Coating Range

A-(350 - 700 nm)    B-(650 - 1050 nm)    C-(1050 - 1700 nm)

Surface Quality

40-20 Scratch-Dig (Preisicion)

20-10 Scratch-Dig (Standard) 

Surface Flatness


Surface Irregularity



≤3 arcmin

Clear Aperture

>90% of Diameter

Focal Length Tolerance




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