High-Reflection Coating

High-reflection (HR) coating work the opposite way to anti-reflection coating. Anti-reflection can greatly reduce reflection when a light through the surface of optical devices, high-reflection coating is to increase the reflectivity of a particular wavelength. Common high-reflection coating including: Dielectric High Reflection Coating, Dielectric High Reflection &High Transmittance Coating and Metallic High Reflection coating.




Dielectric High Reflection Coating
Dielectric High Reflection &High Transmittance Coating
Metallic High Reflection

Coating Curve & Application:


Coating Type

Coating Curve


High Reflection Coating



Lens & Prism
Input & output surface

High Reflection &High Transmittance Coating


High performance

Element in laser system

Multilayer Broadband Anti-reflection Coating


High performance

Lens & Prism
Input & Output Surface


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